Theo & Thea® Caramel Coconut Pyramid Tea Bags

Dessert. Reimagined.

Satiate that sweet tooth with the perfect combination of organic, natural flavors: smooth caramel blended with tropical coconut in a base of sweet, rich tea and chocolate. Our Theo & Thea® Coconut Caramel black tea is reminiscent of a classic caramel coconut cookie, serving as a delicious dessert tea. Theo & Thea® dessert teas offer a healthier alternative to high-calorie treats without compromising the luxurious flavor of your favorite desserts.

Full-leaf Keemun black tea provides a gentle and less tannic base to pair with our sustainably cultivated cacao beans, providing a delectable treat within your teacup. We also use the whole cacao bean in our Theo & Thea® teas with a larger pyramid-style bag to allow for a full steep with optimal flavor.

Enjoy a large mug of Theo & Thea® Caramel Coconut after meals, or with a splash of milk for a delicious alternative to morning coffee. Lower in caffeine, our Theo & Thea® teas compare to half a cup of green tea -- ideal for sipping at any time of day.

Our pyramid tea bags are also commercially compostable and biodegradable, with no extra tags, strings or staples. These sachets are made from BPA-free polyactic resin derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane — sip your favorite flavors without the guilt of producing excessive environmental waste.

Keep your Theo & Thea® tea hot while indulging with a Silicone Tea Lid. which creates an airtight seal on any bowl or cup.

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